Wez Bike - The Beginning

Wez Bike -

Wez Bike - The Beginning

Where do I start with this one? Those wonderful guys at Z-Power are at it again!

After my involvement with the frame mods on Dave's MFP Mad Max bike last year, Dave has asked me to help out creating a road legal bike based on the bike used by Wez (Wesley Xavier Zonault) love that name, in the Mad Max 2 movie.

We got together, I made a few suggestions, not many of them were useful but I soon got the jist of what Dave wanted. He gave me access to an abundance of scrap metal that he said was Quality Z1/Z900/Z1000 parts, he gave me his guidelines and set my imagination free on his next creation.

My job was to give him a complete frame  with all modifications to carry the  parts that he was getting together, we would then do a quick build to check it all fits before Dave has his wicked way with it to create the finished article. 

Now this has to be finished for the Stafford Show in October so I better pull my finger out. "No More Talk, Losers Wait"

I will post my progress as we go,  Sorry for the poor picture below  but its hard to find a good one to work off.

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