Turbo Kwack Special - The Turbo is on the road

Turbo Kwack Special -

Turbo Kwack Special - The Turbo is on the road

I got the road Tax on Wednesday, picked a nice ally disc holder and its ready for road testing on Thursday.

Its Thursday at last and the sun is out, cool !!!!

The Turbo is a little low on fuel so its off to the station, £10 later and I have a date with the East Lanc's road.

Nice power delivery, even with the waste gate set with zero boost (for now), power right through the range up to my self inflicted rev limit of 6000-7000 max.

Didn't go past 70mph but it felt right, brakes and handling were good, it feels quite light and nimble compared with a standard bike.

I took it to Z-power to show Dave, he encouraged  me to "wind in some boost", to make sure the turbo was working, I set it fairly low and set off back to the A580.

:) I want one for myself !

It sounds great, gets a lot of looks, pulls great and gets a little exited at 3psi of boost (maximum for running in). This is good enough for the odd spurt up to 80/90mph.

So after about 10 miles every thing is working fine, A few more test runs to Iron out any snags that may occur and Dave at Z-Power can pick it up.

(P.S.  The mark on the floor is Not a oil leak, just a stain from a previous encounter)

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