T140 Cafe Racer - Build Information "Triumph Reborn"

T140 Cafe Racer -

T140 Cafe Racer - Build Information "Triumph Reborn"

After the success of the W650 Cafe,  Bill from Culcheth  asked me to make him one. After a bit of looking around for the donor bike Bill said he fancied it made from a Triumph, so a T140 bike was found and my welder was fired up.

Bill wanted it to be drum brakes like the Manx Norton so I picked up some conical hubs built them into ally rims and fitted modern TT100 tyres (from SMD Leigh)

I managed to find  a brand new set of forks and yokes to match the conical hub front wheel. (Ebay, but not cheap)

Stainless mudguards, Manx Norton tank and seat, clip on bars, new clocks and lighting, short silencers, home made rear sets a few brackets and its nearly done.

Except-----  Bill is concerned about how reliable the engine will be  ( I know it is a Triumph  T140 I hear you say) so a Full engine rebuild with new shells, rebore/pistons, followers, clutch, primary chain and tentioner, all seals etc etc  and a new pair of carbs! make it sound and perform how it should do.

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