Jim's Harley 1250cc - The Beginning

Jim's Harley 1250cc -

Jim's Harley 1250cc - The Beginning

Jim's bike re-furb after his "little off" is nearly done.

 Extra wide handlebars with modified bar end mirror and indicator brackets.

I made a single spring seat conversion ( from an old Brit iron) Colin Wilcox sorted the foam and a nice new cover for us.

Passenger space is redundant so we made a little rack for the empty space.

No one it their right mind would go on the back of Jim anyway. 

Rear pattern shox were spacered out a little to miss the belt guard.

A new indicator and a small black no-plate tidies up the back end.

Metallic Black paint job instead of the usual Harley Orange changes the bike completely.

Just a few mods to the rear brake and a bit of exhaust wrapping to do and its done!

I have just heard Jim muttering about a big bore kit! Maybe its not nearly done just yet!

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