Yamaha RD400C Full restoration

We have started to restore our RD400C  during 2020

Its a low mileage Matching numbers bike I have had for a few years.

I have stripped it down in spected all the parts and sent off the powder coating items and bits and bobs for plating.

The Engine has had a full reconditiond crankshaft, bearings ,seals and rebore with new Mitaka 0.5mm oversize pistons. (from Grampian Motors)

Cases were soda blasted and black satin stove cured painwork applied to the relevant areas.

Some new genuine Yamaha 400C reed valves were found in Holand  

Ours new wiring looms have arrived so I have saved one for myself, nothing worse than a knackered loom.

All powder coating and zinc plating is back so rebuild can be started.

Assembly is going well, we have previously been fettling all the individual parts, bead blasting, painting ,plating, resealing bushing etc.

Making sure all the new bits like bearings, seals ,tab washers , fork stantions ( are own) shocks, brake pads etc are ready and available to help the assembly.

swinging arm is fitted to the frame withe new bronze bushes (instead of plastic) yokes fitted to the stearing head with new taper bearings, before fitting the reconditioned fork assemblies.

Rear mudguard is a new pattern one along with a new rear light assembly. 

Wheels are back from the chemical cleaners so its tyres are tubes next.

Engine is in and nearly finished now, caliper decals and wheels fitted.

Its original exhausts are to be used after a a few hours of cleaning, they  are in decent condition for its age and show a little bit of its past life patena.

original rear grab rail, new indicators and wiring up is now the center of attention, while access is still good.

managed to get a big push on the rebuild, got it all asembled, electricks tested, temp' oil tank fitted, oild system primed and ready for starting up.

4  prods on the kick start and it fired up , nice and easy, no problem.

tweak and ballance the carbs and ignition timing , sound great !

just need the painwork to come back from dream machine and it will be ready for road testing.

Paintwork came back this week and I am well pleased,  faultless !!

fitted it all to the bike, with the seat after Colin Wlilcocks sorted it for us,  and ready for road testing.