Turbo Kwack Special

  • The Turbo is on the road

    I got the road Tax on Wednesday, picked a nice ally disc holder and its ready for road testing on Thursday.

    Its Thursday at last and the sun is out, cool !!!!

    The Turbo is a little low on fuel so … more

  • IT'S ALIVE!!!!

    The beast lives, it started up straight away with no fuss. A nice smell of "castrol R" for some reason? and a lovely tone to the exhaust, a lot quieter than I expected.

    I ran her for a few minutes … more

  • Carb

    Carb is fitted and connected up, Engine has been spun up to circulate the oil and the Hydraulic clutch is bled and working.

    Electrics next, you never no it could be running this weekend!


  • At last the Turbo is on

    After a lot of fitting/removing/fitting/removing I have finally got the turbo to sit in is final resting place, a 6mm thick flange spacer, double exhaust gaskets, a few tweaks rotating the turbo case … more

  • We have MOT

    The Turbo has passed its MOT.

    I cheated and took it in a van though.

    The motor sounds good and the mixture is about right, I fitted one of our heavy duty sealed "Quadflex" batteries (don't like the … more

  • The Beginning

    This Bike was created by Dave at Z-power for his stand At last years Stafford show.

    I helped him fit the ZXR upside down front end and the Honda single sided rear, as well as a frame strengthening … more