Johnny Cab

This year (2013) we are embarking on a cross Europe trip in a Suzuki Wagon R+. Before commencing the donor car needs some TLC and some "improving" to make it more stupid. Follow the progress of the build and adventure here. We will also be putting updates on our Facebook page.

  • Europe Rally completed

    Well what can I say we had a fantastic trip, a great adventure. 

    We even brought home the silverware!

    Here are a few pic's.

    The start of the rally in St Omer, France.

    Taking the Johnny … more

  • on with some paint

    All arches and sills are now painted and 2 pack clear.

    got to re-shape the plastic bumber mouldings to fit and then its off for its MOT (Monday)


  • Front arch mods

    Front arches cut away and tabs made to rivet another half of a chop mudguard (as per the rear)

    Mudguard in place and riveted.

    Wing back on and filled to shape.


  • rear suspension upgraded

    I have fitted some bike shox instead of just dampers to improve the "soft rear end"

    And a solid dog toy ball cut in half makes a new Bump stop.

    Rear wheel arch gets some filler and primer

    . more

  • rear wheel arches

    Started work on the rear arches,

    found a fiberglass rear chop guard, cut it in half and shaped it to fit.

    welded on a few tabs for riveting.


  • Flipped Over

    We have flipped the car onto its right side.

    Nearside sill has been removed and all repair work done to inner sill and arches.

    new sill to be fitted next, then finish undershield, fit wheel studs … more