Changes at Pitstop

Due to changes in the way most bikers are sorting out their Biking needs by the internet/forums/Ebay etc I will be changing some of my services and opening times etc. 

I will  be offering motorbike storage for customers, for winter etc.  This is inside the building and inside fibreglass "pods".  Rates start at £35/month.

I will also close to the public on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sundays.

On my "closed days" I will be concentrating on my restorations/specials and my regular customers repairs etc. 

I will be open Thursday and Friday 10am - 6pm  and Saturday 8am - 1pm.

I will also be opening the odd Sunday with possible Auto jumbles etc.

These changes will be happening at the end of this summer, I will do another "news update" before I make the changes.

Thanks, Tony.