Bruce is in a Spin

Down again .

But still not out. :-)

After all the bad roads we have crossed :- The gravel, the mud, the sand and the ripio.

The maniac drivers in Colombia.

The chicken buses in Central America.

It is on roundabout, on tarmac, in Argentina that is the scene of my worst spill so far.

Its not as if I was going fast, around 35mph.

We were going straight on, I entered the roundabout , looked to my right to see if any vehicles were approaching from the next exit and then .......

.... sky, road , roundabout, bike, spin.

The back end just broke away, the bike went down on its left, I completed at least one 360 degree spin (Jean thinks it may have been two) and then pushed myself away and span on my back like a turtle with the bike close behind.

I think Jean was relieved to see me sit up, I was relieved to see that Jean had not followed me.

The first two cars that followed just steered round me and carried on, the third stopped to help us pick the bike up.

Once again I am grateful to the panniers supplied by Vern at Project VND , because they prevented my leg from being caught under the bike as it slid and spun, and enabled me to slide clear.

I've sprained my ankle, my shoulders feel sore and have crashed tested the Kevlar in my jeans and the padding in my jacket. I can report that all works fine.

The bike has even more scratches and dints in the left pannier, the indicator needed more gaffa tape and the bars have bent. Also my nice muffs that keep the rain off needed refitting with cable ties.

A few straps that hold on kit have been torn, but we had extras.

We can only assume I hit a patch of oil, oh well 21500 miles done, we just had to do another 187 miles to Buenos Aries to catch our flight to Spain.

We are now in BA, at Dakar Motors drinking beer and arranging flights for the bikes.

Next stop Europe.