Bruce and Jean not quite fully home yet

Bruce and Jean not quite fully home yet

We've spent the last week drifting across the country visiting friends and relatives , from Plymouth to Surrey and then Sheffield, before turning west across the Pennines.

Our last day involved a few detours, first we visited Vern ( Project VND ) near Chester, who had made the panniers that proved so tough and resilient. Then we thought it a good idea to visit Jean's mum for tea and scones before heading back across the Mersey and up to see Tony at Pitstop .

Pitstop have serviced our bikes for many years, helped us prep the Pegasos for this one, and even helped with technical issues while on the road as well.

Then it was a quick surprise visit to my mum, and finally home.

Final mileage 24536 (39257kms).

Oh, and I crashed again in France. These bikes are really tough.

Best statistic is punctures = 0.

While at our friends in Rawtenstall we were kidnapped and dragged back across the country to a bike rally near Peterborough (which we had ridden past the previous Monday). Our appearance at home was only to drop Jean's bike off, as the shock has gone again, then repack and use the one bike.

For years we have been visiting bike rallies up and down the country and failing to get any long distance awards, usually being beaten by people from Cornwall or people on holiday.

For once I believe I was unassailable, I listed my mileage as 24735.

The visiting Belgium bike club were a bit disappointed not to win it.

As Jean was pillion for this portion of the trip she was unable to claim the female long distance rider award.